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Storage Lid Wide


The one-piece Storage Lid makes it possible to shake up your smoothie or have airtight storage of dry goods right in your mason jar.

Fits mason jars with 3 3/8″ outer edge diameter. We also have regular storage lids

  • Made from recyclable material
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in America

Made in the USA

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Additional Information

So many uses for wide mouth Storage Lids!

  • iLIDS, on large jars, keep flours and grains airtight. The wide mouth opening is easier to scoop from than the regular mouth opening. 
  • The wide mouth jar is easier to eat from, making it a good choice for taking your lunch to work. 
  • It’s also easier to get your hand into! So store treats of all kinds (granola, candy, nuts, crackers) and cover them with your favorite iLID. 
  • Make a large quantity of your favorite drink then pour it into individual jars and cover with Wide Drink or Storage iLIDS. Store it in your fridge for grab and go convenience without the grab and go waste.
  • You want to drink “au natural” – straight from your mason jar – but need a cover for travel or just to keep your drink fresh in the fridge.
  • iLIDS on pint size jars keep nuts and seeds fresh.
  • Store your soup in a large jar with an iLID; it takes a lot less room in your refrigerator than a soup pot!
  • Wide mouth mason jars and your stick blender should be best friends. The stick blender fits perfectly in the jar meaning you blend your drink, and cover it with a Drink or Storage iLID and you have one less container to wash. (If you want to shake it up again later, use a non-leaking Storage Lid.) Remember to choose a big enough jar so it won’t overflow when you’re blending away.
  • Open the fridge door and see beautiful prepped fruits and vegetables stored in mason jars with Storage iLIDS. The iLIDS keep the jar sealed snugly and your fridge isn’t a mess of plastic bags.
  • iLIDS are perfect to cover your jars of canned foods after the canning lids have been removed.
  • Wouldn’t an iLID make a perfect gift for a friend who loves mason jars?