Drink Lid ice tea with lemons

Drink Lid Regular


The Drink Lid is a one-piece lid designed for use with or without a straw; for hot or cold liquids.

Fits mason jars with 2 3/4″ outer edge diameter. Slide area is spill resistant, not watertight.  We also have wide drink lids

  • Made from recyclable material
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in America

Made in the USA

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Additional Information

So many uses for regular mouth Drink Lids!

  • Drink on the go – with or without a straw. The Drink Lid accommodates small or large straws, but you do not have to use a straw. It is designed with a nice little indent for your lip, making it comfortable to drink straight from the lid.
  • Fill up your mason jar at your favorite coffee shop and top it with an iLID. One less cup in the landfill and we all know it really does add up. If you are drinking hot liquids from your jar a sleeve is a very good idea.
  • Make a large quantity of your favorite drink then pour it into individual 8-16 oz jars and cover with Regular Drink or Storage iLIDS. Store it in your fridge for grab and go convenience without the grab and go waste.
  • Have you figured out that the regular mouth quart mason jar is the one that fits most standard countertop blenders? Make your smoothie or shake in the mason jar, cover with the blender’s blade apparatus and blend away. Then remove the blade and replace with a Drink or Storage iLID and you’re on your way. If you’re new to the idea that the mason jar fits on a blender, do a quick search on YouTube.
  • What a nice little gift for your favorite friends who love their mason jars!