How Intelligent LIDS came to life…..

Intelligent LIDS was started by a Seattle woman who loves her mason jars and wanted a one-piece, non-rusting, reusable, non-leaking lid for everyday use.

“Mason jars are a great example of a perfect product for today’s world: durable, recyclable, beautiful and true multi-taskers. Really, what other item can you think of that people use to preserve food as well as make into a light fixture, soap dispenser or salad container?!! They are so simple in design yet inspire the creativity of the owner. I use my mason jars every day for mixing salad dressings, blending smoothies, arranging flowers and making my own iced tea. I wanted a one-piece, non-rusting lid that reflected the jars’ environmental friendliness and beautiful style.”

Intelligent Lids maintains a low environmental footprint by designing, manufacturing and distributing from the Greater Seattle area.