Can I use Intelligent LIDS on my antique and collectible mason jars?

We hope so! But we can’t guarantee it. The openings may vary ever so slightly different from modern jars and that may affect the non-leaking seal. Definitely try them out at home, tip them, lay them on their side for awhile then set them upright for a while. Then…. if they’re watertight…. use them with your Intelligent LIDS!

Can Intelligent LIDS be used with hot liquids?

Yes. Many people want to drink their tea, coffee or hot chocolate from a mason jar and using an Intelligent LID to top it off is perfect. Remember that the jar will be hot and use a cup cozy as necessary.

Can Intelligent LIDS go in the freezer?

Polypropylene #5 is safe in the freezer and the freezer will not damage the lid. HOWEVER you must make sure that the JAR you have chosen to put into the freezer is indeed freezer safe. The other concern is that you must make sure you leave enough headroom in the jar to allow for the contents to expand as they freeze.

Can the Intelligent LIDS be microwaved?

DO NOT microwave a mason jar with an Intelligent LID Storage Lid screwed onto the jar. Just like heating any jar with contents enclosed, you run the risk of the jar contents overheating and exploding.

DO NOT microwave a jar with a DRINK LID with the DRINK SLIDE in the CLOSED position. Again, if the slide is closed and the contents are overheated it can cause the jar to explode.

Intelligent LIDS are made from Polypropylene #5 which is regarded by the FDA as safe in the microwave. If you do want to put a lid in the microwave we suggest you do as follows:

Leave the lid sitting on top of the jar to act as splatter control. DO NOT screw the lid onto the threads. DO NOT overheat the contents.

Can I remove the gasket?

Yes, the gasket can be removed for cleaning and then replaced. The gasket is what prevents leaking so using the lid without the gasket is not advised.